Weight Loss program

Every day I would look into the mirror and see someone I no longer recognized. I felt horrible about myself, my clothes didn't fit right, and I didn't know what to do. Working out didn't help, I was always hungry, and I could not shed the pounds no matter what I did. When I was younger I was an athlete in high school and college and maintaining my weight was never an issue. As I moved on to the real less active world, I found myself slowly gaining weight with no time to cook or workout. I finally hit my all time low last year when I my weight started creeping to 185 lbs.

I got sick and tired of feeling the way I did and I knew I needed help. I contacted Glory Medical and set up an appointment. I was very impressed with the service and how friendly the staff was. I felt like they knew exactly why I was there and what I needed to do to accomplish my goals. I met with Dr. Ikudayisi and we came up with a schedule that would work best for me. I followed the plan and every week I could see results and they were awesome!! I absolutely loved putting my jeans on and they were actually TOO BIG for me. You can have a goal, but sometimes you need a little help reaching it. Glory Medical helped me reach mine!! I am so grateful to Dr. Ikudayisi and the staff at Glory Medical for helping me through these times. I recommend Glory Medical to everyone not just because of the results that I attained, but also because of the friendly, affordable, and quick service that you receive.

Jahara Chaiz - 136 lbs

I started coming to Dr. David about mid February and besides being extremely overweight I was also extremely depressed (due to the weight). It is now June and I have lost about 45 pounds so far and the depression that I was having has gone away. I feel happier and I want to do more things and I am not embarrassed to go out in public anymore. I was wearing a size 22 from the “plus size” department stores and I am so excited because now I am wearing a size 14-16 in regular clothes. I know I will reach my goal soon, Dr. David has really helped me and I would and do recommend his program to anyone that truly wants to lose weight.


"Nine years ago i weighed 130 pounds, when i went to the doctor in July 2006 & weighed 251 pounds i decided that something had to be done. Not just because i looked bad but because my health was bad. I was afraid that i would get diabetis & other problems & couldnt keep up with my active 9 yr old. I used to be so active & loved life, but the past few years all ive been able to do is sit on the couch & eat.

I researched several differnt weight loss programs by making calls & looking on line. After speaking to the very friendly & informative staff at Glory Medical I decided i'd give them a try.

I was extremly skeptical & figured id loose a few pounds here & there....was i wrong! To my delight i lost 12 pounds my first week!!! Three months later im down 52 pounds! This program saved my life! Anyone who wants to loose weight can do this. Its easy. Its exciting to weigh in everyweek & literally see the weight & inches droping off. I wish i would have done this years ago. Dr Ikudayisi & the staff at Glory Medical helped give me my life back!


Dr. David and his friendly staff not only helped me achieve my goal weight, my cholesterol went from 211 to 145 with their guidance. I look and feel great and I owe it to Glory Medical!!


When I met Dr. David and his staff at Glory Medical Center, almost 2 years ago, I was 170 pounds and miserable. I had been a member at a local gym for the entire previous year and had a personal trainer but all I was doing was gaining weight. The heavier I became the more depressed I became the more I ate. I was in a size 14 and creeping my way into a size 16.

A friend of mine told me about Dr. David and I quickly made an appointment. Now almost 2 years later I still maintain and keep off the 40 pounds I dropped and I am now in a size 4. I feel great and I am now a very happy person. Thanks Dr. David, Sandy and Sabrina!


I am 26 years and I have been struggling with my weight for about 7years. Before starting with Glory Medical Center, I had tried so many diets and nothing worked. I'd end up gaining weight instead of losing.

I was up to 187 pounds and I had no hope. I heard about Dr. Ikudayisi at Glory Medical Center, though I was scared because nothing else had worked, I gave it a try and made my appointment. The whole system was incredible and sounded to good to be true. In four months, I have lost over 40 pounds and I feel great!

My metabolism works like it hasn't before. My cravings are gone. My hunger is no longer taking over my life. Not only have I lost weight but I have been able to keep it off. Tha means alot to me. Glory Medical Center has been a blessing!
Thank You!


My weight problems started around 3 years ago. I felt that no matter what diet I tried or what new, over the counter diet pill was out on the market, nothing seem to work.

3 years ago, I started having hot flashes, cold sweats, headaches and just generally feeling not well. I sought the help of my primary physician thinking that maybe he could do some blood work to see if I was pre-menopausal. My test came back negative.

As my weight steadily increased, I became more and more depressed and my self-esteem started to decrease. I started to wear clothes that would hide my weight, never allowed my picture to be taken and never went swimming in our pool unless I knew no one was coming over.

In March of 2006, I went back to my primary doctor and tried once again to get blood work to see if I was indeed in menopause. As I waited anxiously for my results, I prayed that I would finally find a reason for my weight gain. Glad to say, the test was positive. In fact, I was post-menopausal. Finally having an answer and a reason for my weight gain, I learned to deal with it. This was the way it was going to be the rest of my life.

It wasn’t until September 2006 when my son and his family came to visit that I knew that I was headed in the wrong direction. We had taken a family picture at a restaurant in Tarpon Springs. “Oh my God” I looked so fat. That was not I. How embarrassing!

It began as a joke with my daughter-n-law about going on again, another diet, to loose weight. She was going to start her diet when she got back home. Little did she know, I started mine the day that they went back home.

In my desperation, I called “ Glory Medical Center” and spoke with Sandy, their Office Manager. She got me in that day. And so my work began.

We embarked on a journey of trying to help me lose the weight I so wanted to lose. Faithfully, I followed every recommendation, took my medication as directed and over the next 8 weeks I can finally say that I have lost 23 pounds and I feel great! No more hiding to get dressed, no more self-esteem problems, no more depression no more praying that the weight would some how magically fall off. It did fall off and all because I chose “ Glory Medical Center” to aid in my weight loss. It feels so good to finally get and accept compliments again. I will never accept defeat again. With having just 10 more pounds to lose, I WILL do it!

Dr. David Ikudayisi is so well trained in treating obesity. He is the most wonderful, compassionate doctor that I have ever known. He felt my desperation and pain and knew what plan would work for me. He has always been supportive and greets me with a smile. All of Dr. Ikudayisi’s staff is well trained in helping you reach your goal and they are always there to lend an ear when you need someone to talk to. Thank you, Dr David and Staff, for being there when I needed you most! Without you, it could not have been possible. It feels so good to be me again! God Bless!